Tuesday, April 27, 2010

NJJN Releases Platform Brief on DMC; Outagamie & Kenosha Counties Highlighted for DMC Work

The National Juvenile Justice Network has just released its policy platform brief on DMC - the fourth in a series of policy platform statements endorsed by the network. Each brief is meant to be a guide for policy-makers, advocates, and others interested in advancing what works in juvenile justice. This one highlights the need for Commitment, Collaboration, and the Collection of Data as three critical themes that should run through DMC efforts. With all the progress being made in evidence-based practice, balanced and restorative justice - amid decreasing juvenile crime rates and the growth of community-based services, reducing DMC may very well be the most important legacy for the current generation of juvenile justice advocates.

Also, Kenosha and Outagamie Counties received attention in the most recent DMC e-news publication, highlighting the efforts that are underway there to systematically reduce DMC an ensure equity at key decision-making points. Cehck it out and sign up to recieve continuing DMC alerts.

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